A Brief History of Tomorrow’s Eve Theatre

lindi g. papoff
Artistic Director of Tomorrow’s Eve Theatre

A Life Beyond Doubt - Janna Erichsen and Alan LeeTomorrow’s Eve Theatre was founded in 1975 with a twofold mandate, first to research, explore, promote and perform women’s “stories” from a feminist perspective; secondly to transform these stories of women’s lives into theatrical productions and tour them to communities in rural Ontario.  The intention was to reach communities who might not otherwise attend live theatre and who most likely had not seen theatre portrayed with a feminist sensibility.  Over the years the company progressed, continued and changed….eventually touring into high-schools throughout Ontario.

As founder and first Artistic Director of Tomorrow’s Eve Theatre, when I moved to Israel I passed the torch to Marion Gilsenen who ran the company with great success for manyyears, until – sadly – she passed away.  At present, havingreturned to Toronto, I have decided to revive Tomorrow’s Eve Theatre as a professional producing theatre collective company, with only slight changes to the original mandate.

We will continue to create women’s stories, to tell these stories from a feminist perspective, and to explore issues that are universal.  It is our aim to reach as broad and diverse an audience as possible, and to be thought-provoking and challenging while we engage and entertain audiences, and encourage them to see what might be a familiar theme from a different perspective.  Our intention is to open channels for dialogue between people who might otherwise not meet to exchange ideas, and to challenge, in the hope of breaking down our audience’s pre-conceived notions of “the way things are”.

Our production of A Life Beyond Doubt represents a starting point and a “home base” for future collaborations on new script development and full scale production. (photos by Martin Teasdale)

IMG_1061IMG_1086IMG_0971A Life Beyond Doubt - Shel Goldstein and Michael ManA Life Beyond Doubt - Michael Man, Reva Lawry and Janna Erichsen


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